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  1. il ponte e il differenziale non sono la stessa cosa?! Il tupo che parte dal cambio arriva al differenziale, dove è presente quella vite piccola (btr?)
  2. Ciao, per svuotare anche il differenziale\ponte, non è sufficiente svitare la vite "purge differentiel" collegata al tubo che porta olio dal cambio al differenziale\ponte? Che tipo di vite è quella posta sul differenziale\ponte? Non sembra esagonale o torx...
  3. Hi ragazzi, thank you deon to link me the properly discussion and thank you -Seb- about your thread! Than, as I understood, there is the first screw (ourge boite the vitesse), the second screw (purge differentiel) where there is the pipe attached that "send" oil to differential. To keep the oil stick, the easy way is to take off the front right wheel. I buy than 4 plt about 75w85 oil, as reccomended from Alfa Romeo, because gearbox+differential need about 3,2l. Can you explain me what has been reported about the simil-screw that is on differential box? It isn't torx and neither hex... Grazie anche a te, tonton77 per l'interessamento! Al momento dovrei fare questo lavoro e vorrei avere un parere da chi l'ha già fatto! Grazie, ciao
  4. Hi, to keep the oil stick how do you suggest to proceed?
  5. Hi, thank you guys! I left a message here I would be grateful if you can help me about this matter... Ciao
  6. Hi, I don't know if this is the correction section, I want to change gear+differential oil about my crosswagon and I just seen these pictures: Is it correct that to drain the old gear and differential oil is it enough to unscrew the female hex under the gearbox and the banjo bolt (here in red) to drain the differential oil? Thank you, ciao
  7. Hi, my name is Ivan and I'm writing from Italy😉
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